About Jesus Fest

Jesus Fest is an annual Christian festival event on Main Street in Clarksburg, West Virginia. The event is a family oriented festival with a focus on creating unity in the Body of Christ, which is accomplished through an interdenominational approach utilizing ecumenical leadership and the involvement of local area churches. The event focuses on evangelism and outreach to the unsaved by means of family oriented activities and events in an atmosphere of interdenominational praise and worship and the preaching of the gospel. Reaching out to the hurting and oppressed is a biblical mandate for us as a redeemed people.

The goals of Jesus Fest are, To Reach In, To Reach Around and To Reach Out.

1. To reach into our families by providing an environment where Christians can unite in fun, food and fellowship, listen to Christian music, hear the exciting news of our Lord and enjoy themselves in the love of Jesus.

2. To reach around each other as the Body of Christ to create unity by working together toward a common cause and by uniting the church in praise and worship of our risen Savior Jesus Christ.

3. To reach out to the unsaved by providing an inviting environment with an enlightening message of music and the preached word of God and to reach out to the lost, the forelorned and the hurting by providing access to local specialized ministries.